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You do not need to submit this form with your application. We have noted any special items request as per your application. Should you require any additional equipment not indicated on your application please request it below. 

All vendors partners must submit an invoice outlining their product purchase, for more information please email [email protected].


All vendor partners must submit a certificate of insurance. Coverage must include a minimum of $2,000,000 General Liability Coverage inclusive of bodily injury and/or property damage for each occurrence. 

The following must be named as additional insured in respect to the opera-on of the show:

Winter Beer Festival  

Holiday Inn Burlington Hotel & Conference Centre

3060 South Service Road Burlington, ON L7N 3E9


NOTE: The Vendor Partner shall be liable for all loss, damage, injury, claim costs and expenses caused to any person or property in any circumstances whatsoever by the Vendor Partner, their servants or agents or the goods, exhibits, fi]ngs, machinery and other property belonging to the Vendor Partner of for which the Vendor Partner is responsible and the Vendor Partner agrees to indemnify the Show Management in respect of (a) any such loss, damage, injury claims, costs and expenses as aforementioned. 

This form is to be submitted three weeks prior to the festival.

Your Booth Includes:

One skirted table, 2 chairs & allotment of 2 free admission passes. If a table is not indicated below, you will not receive a table.

Vendor Requirement Form
Table for Booth
Upload File
Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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